When and Why You Should Use Spiral or Planetary Mixers?

Spiral and Planetary Mixers can be used for making some dough. Both of these mixers are the important mixers that are needed by bakers. However, the question is that “When and why you should use spiral or the planetary mixers?” For answering this question, it is better for you to understand and knowing more about each of these mixers. Below are further information and description about both of these mixers.

Planetary Mixers

The planetary mixers have a great versatility that make these mixers are the best for making the small patisseries and bakeries. The main features of this mixer are the interchangeable tools such as the dough hook, paddle, mixing and whisk. There is also a removable pot that will make users are easier to use this mixer and take out the dough. There are also some variable speeds that can give the different levels for mixing the mass. The accessories that are contained on this planetary mixer are like the dough hook that can be used for making the bread dough and the other dough such as for pizza, cakes, cookies, croissants and many more. The mixing paddle is the other accessory that you can find on planetary mixer that can be used for mixing the creams, masses, cakes and etc. The other accessory is whisk that can be functioned to make whipped cream, beat the egg whites, mayonnaise and many more.

Spiral Dough Mixers

The spiral dough mixer is a model that you have to use if you wanted to make dough for pizza and bakery. That is why; you will see this mixer on some bakeries stores and pizzeria. This mixer is usually to mix the pizza crust and the dough of breads. The main accessory in this spiral dough mixer is the rotational movement of pot that is moved together with spiral hook. This accessory and combination will make only the part of dough that will work while the low friction of heat is maintaining. Besides that, it will also make and provides more homogeneous mixture. Many people said that this is a versatile machine even without using the interchangeable utensils. This mixer is perfect for them who have a lot of creativity. You can make many types of dough for different snacks such as cookies, cake, muffins and many more.

For the description above, it is clear that the Spiral dough mixers and the planetary mixers have the different function. Planetary Mixers are perfect to be used if you wanted to make the small patisseries and bakeries such as cakes, croissant, and many more. Besides that, the spiral dough mixers are perfect for making the pizza dough and bread dough. That is why; now you know the function of these different mixers and when you have to use these mixers. We hope that this article is beneficial and give more knowledge for you about the spiral dough mixers and planetary mixers.

Types of Ice Cream Makers

Many of us are maybe though that ice cream makers are only could be used for making the ice cream cones. However, in fact it can be used more than that. There are many kinds of frozen desserts that you can make by using this ice cream maker. Some of those desserts are sorbet, yoghurt and waffle ice cream. That is why; if you had an ice cream business, now you can make many variants of menus and sell it. Nowadays, there are so many ice cream makers types that we can find. Each of ice cream makers’ producers is offering their own pros such as it can make a soft ice cream.

If we talked about the type of ice cream makers, it can be classified into two types: The Soft Ice Cream Makers and Hard Ice Cream Makers. Below we will talk about these types.

Soft Ice Cream Makers

Soft ice cream machine is a machine for making ice cream with soft and moist texture. This soft and moist ice cream is more popular with the name of gelato. Because it has a soft texture, usually this ice cream is also using the cone machine. It is because it will be harder to serve this kind of ice cream by only using the common ice cream scope.

Hard Ice Cream Machine

Basically, the hard ice cream machine is different with the soft ice cream makers’ machine. The hard ice cream machine is being able to make an ice cream with harder texture, but it is not as hard as the ice block. It means that the hard ice cream machine can make the ice cream with more solid texture and it will be easier to serve this ice cream with only using the ice cream scope. Although it is said that the hard ice cream machine can be used for making more solid ice cream texture, but this machine is also could be used for making the ice cream with soft texture.

Soft ice cream and hard ice cream is not only different from the texture. Commonly, the soft ice cream has a lower milk and fat than the hard ice cream. Besides that, soft ice cream is also usually produced on higher temperature than the hard one. In a conclusion, the amount of air and water that we can find on the soft ice cream, have an impact for the taste, texture and color of the product. That is why; for making a delicious soft ice cream, it is needed the right air composition. It is because an ice cream can lost it tastes and it will melt quickly. This proper composition is also used on the hard ice cream. It is because every ice cream needs the right frozen process for pressing the crystallization risk and using the best ice cream makers is essential. That is why; you have to choose only the best machine if you wanted to make a delicious ice cream.

about Ingredient Bin Function and Benefits

Ingredients Bin is a tool that is quite important for your restaurant or café. This is an ideal and perfect thing to stack and store some products. This tool is really easy to be accessed, or in the other words we can say that ingredient bins is really accessible. All the ingredient bins are under the HACCP. It means that there are some guidelines that have to be used in making this bin. Some guidelines from HACCP are about the light weight materials and also the food grade materials. Usually, it is made from polypropylene and it is ideal to be used on a food industry. Below, we will explain and inform more about the Ingredient Bin.

The Function of Ingredient Bin

We will start to talk about the function of Ingredient Bin. As what we already explained above, ingredient bin is really effective for stacking and store some of your food products. That is why; we can also say that this is a right tool to storage your food products. This thing will be a beneficial tool for your restaurant, café or food business. Ingredient bin can store some of your food products based on certain capacity. Usually, the capacity will be different between a product and the other product. Mostly, an ingredient bin has for about 21 capacities. For the ingredient in with 21 capacity gallon capacity it can hold for about 160 lb of sugars or 126 lb of flour.

Ingredient Bin Benefits

Next, we will talk about the benefits of using the ingredient bin. Actually, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from an ingredient bin. First of all is that Ingredient bin is made from the food grade materials that will guarantee the security and safety of the food products that are stored. Usually, the good ingredient bin is made from the smooth plastic. This is used to ensure the long product life. Besides that, most of the ingredient bins are having the round and seamless design. The aim of this design is to make users are easily clean the ingredient bin, although at the busy day. The lid of ingredient bin is usually made from clear polycarbonate. It is done to make users are easier to see what’s inside an ingredient bin and it will let you having a good track of inventory. Ingredient bins are usually equipped with casters and the other features such as swiveling and fixed casters. These casters usage made the ingredients bin is having a great maneuverability. This maneuver is also easier to do even if the ingredient bin is having a full content inside.

Those are the review that we can share about Ingredient Bin. We hope that by reading this article, you will be able to understand more about the function and benefits of ingredient bin because overall this is a really important tool for your café or restaurant.

Best Commercial Espresso Machine for Your Coffee Shop

Are you looking for the best commercial espresso machine for your small café or restaurant? We knew that there are a lot of espresso commercial machines options that you can get in the market. This thing makes us really hard for deciding or choosing the right one. If you were on this position, we will try to help you by giving some explanation about the best commercial espresso machines based on certain price ranges. So, take a look at the information below for making you easier to choose the right one.

The Best Option in the $1000 up to $1999 Price Range

This is the most affordable price range that can be chosen by them who have the small business café or restaurant. What is the best espresso machine on this price range? According to a data, the best espresso machine on this price range is the “Elektra ART SX Microcasa Semiautomatica Commercial Espresso Machine – Copper”. This is an espresso machine with stunning look and appearance. The dimension of this machine is 25 x 10 x 10 inches.

The Best Espresso Machine in the Price Range of $2000 up to $2499

This second option is right for you who have higher budget or a budget with more than $1999. The best espresso machine option on this price range is the “Quick Mill New Vetrano Espresso Machine HX”. If you bought this machine, you will get two years parts and labor warranty.  This machine is bigger than the Elektra ART SX. So, it means that this product more complete feature than the Elektra. Furthermore, the detail dimension of this machine is 17,5 x 11,2x 16.2 inches.

The Best Espresso Machine in the Price Range of $2500 up to $2999

The next commercial espresso machine that you can buy with the price range between $2500 up to $2999 is the “La Pavoni PUB 1EM-R – 1 Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino Machine”. This is the best commercial machine on this price range that is mostly used and chosen by people. This commercial espresso machine is a portable machine and this machine is having no any required direct plumbing. Furthermore, this machine has the capacity of 150 drinks a day. The dimension of this machine is 21 x 15 x 22 inches. This can be the right machine that you can use at your home, café or restaurant.

The Best Commercial Espresso Machine for $3000 up to $4499 price range

The best commercial espresso machine for this price range is the “La Pavoni PUB 1V – R -1 Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino Machine”. This is a wonderful machine that will be really perfect to be used for a coffee business such as café or restaurant. This machine can make 6 shots in a time. There is also the 6 ½ liter copper boiler. There is also an oversized filter holder allows for fast and multi shot production. Furthermore, the detail dimension of this espresso machine is 21 x 15 x 21 inches.

What Espresso Machine is Better: Automatic, Semi or Manual?

Having a coffee café business is such kind of great businesses that you can start. As we know that drinking coffee in a café is becoming a trend right now. That is why; barista is also a kind of profession that a lot of people want. If you were serious enough for starting this business, it is for sure that you have to prepare some important tools, such as the espresso machine.

Today on this article, we will talk more about the espresso machine. Espresso machine can be separated based on the operational aspect; they are the Manual, Semi and Automatic. Now, the question is that are these kinds of machines can make the same espresso quality? Below, we will try to describe each type of espresso machine to help us in answering that question.

Automatic espresso has a grinder for grinding the coffee beans and espresso extract in a simple process. With this process, users did not need to become an expert. It means that for using the automatic and semi espresso machine, you don’t need for becoming an expert. However, in fact some espresso lovers want more control on their espresso, starting from the production process up to it is ready to drink. However, it is also not that easy for getting any controls even you use the manual espresso machine. It needs more efforts and knowledge.

In the market, there is also a high end espresso machine that has some features such as a feature for making the boiling water and a feature that can measure the pressure for espresso extraction. This machine is perfect for them who have the unlimited budget. However, is this machine that can make the most delicious espresso? In fact, tasty espresso machine is even could be made without those high end features. All you need to make a delicious espresso besides the perfect process is the best quality beans.

For making the best espresso, you have to use an espresso machine that can make the high pressure or maximum pressure. It is because on the highest pressure, the beans can be extracted really well. This process will also create the oily foam above your espresso that can give a rich flavor for your espresso. Most of this kind of espresso has for about 9 up to18 bar pressure. It will also be better if you could get an espresso machine that can make for about 15 up to18 bars.

Basically, to make a delicious espresso machine is not always depended on the machine. You need the right knowledge, the best quality beans and also the right process. Whatever the machines that you want to use, you have to suit it with your budgets and your needs. A complicated machine will be really hard to use. That is why; it is more important for choosing the machine that suit with your style in making an espresso, simple to be operated and of course easy to clean. It is also better for getting any recommendations from some your trusted people.